The Ultimate Guide to Replacement of Lost, Stolen or Broken Car Keys

The problem faced with loss of car keys can be best understood by those who have gone though such an experience. Cars are indispensable mode of personal transport and today almost each and every home has a car of their own. There are many homes where people have more than one car. It makes movement from one place to another easy, comfortable, safe and secure. In today’s world where time is a big problem using public modes of transport could be unsuitable. When traveling long distances, it is always better to travel by personal cars because it will be stress free. You will arrive at the new destination fresh in mind and body. While all this is great news losing your car keys could be a highly disturbing and traumatizing experience. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family the last thing you would want is loss of your precious car keys. In spite of being extra careful there are many situations where you could end up losing your car keys. In such situations it is critical to find out replacement for car keys as early as possible. Over the next few lines we will try and find out how to go about it.

Types of Car Keys

  • Transponder chip keys
  • Valet keys
  • Ignition keys
  • Tibbe Keys
  • Sidewinder Keys
  • Metal blade keys
  • VAT keys
  • Car remotes
  • Key Fobs
  • Keyless entry devices
  • PAT keys
  • After market Keys
  • OEM Keys

Avoid Being In A State Of Panic

Whenever we lose our car keys we often also lose our mental balance and equilibrium. This is all the more true if we are stuck in a remote location or in a highway at the wrong time of the day. In such situation we should take a deep breath and calm down and find out the next course of action. It is quite likely that each one of us would have a smart phone or tablet or other such devices. As a rule of thumb our main objective should be to ensure that these devices always stay in our pockets. We should ensure that these devices have internet connectivity. Using it will not take more than a few minutes to identify a few reputed professional who can help with replacement for car keys within the shortest period of time. You must call them up and explain the exact position where your car is stuck.

Explain The Model, Make And Other Details

When you establish contact you must be able to share complete details about the car, its make, and year of manufacture, model and other details. If it is a new model belonging to the new generation cars it will have computer chip driven keys. Therefore any reputed duplicate car maker will have the equivalent duplicate keys available with him. So it would not be a difficult task to identify the right key which will open the doors and also helps start the ignition of your car. you have to bear in mind that modern day car keys have multiple uses and purposes and therefore you need not waste time identifying the right model.

Other Attributes To Check

Apart from identifying the capability of the key maker to provide the right replacement keys, there are few more attributes which you must keep in mind while identifying and hiring these professionals. First and foremost they must be experienced and have the required expertise and skill set. They must be licensed and certified and using online tools it will not be too difficult to find it out. Most importantly they must be within the same neighborhood or catchment area so that it will not take much of a time to reach you even if it is in a desolate location. It would be even smarter if you always keep an image of the car key on your smart phone. You can attach it and send it to the duplicate car key maker so that he is able to get the right idea. Further it is also advisable to have at least a few dozen telephone numbers of car key makers so that you can even avoid wasting time looking up for them in an emergency situation.

Finally when a price is an important consideration you must not compromise on quality under any circumstances. Therefore being proactive rather than being reactive is the best way forward if you want to come out of that difficult and unforeseen situation. It calls for planning much before the event rather than fire fighting when the problem is arisen.