The Ins & Outs of Transponder Car Keys

Transponder Keys is a technology which can be used to open cars from remote locations. The technology uses hand held devices to send signals to a car lock system so that the lock can close or open for owners to drive or leave it safely at car parks. The transponder keys transmit radio signals which can open or close your car. Apart from the technology being applied on cars, it can be used on other locks such as garage doors, key less entry systems among other systems. The devices which transmit radio signals which can be used to open car or start the engine can only be used in a single car. This is put in place as a measure to avoid theft in the field. The devices will transmit signals which will work on a given set of car depending on the programs used. Although transponder technology is among the safest in the market, it can be bypassed using inexpensive equipment in the market. If you have lost your car transponder key, then you need to look for highly qualified locksmiths who will offer you transponder car key replacement services. You need to look for a highly qualified professional who will offer you the best services. You will know about the right professionals after you carry out enough research.


The transponder technology was introduced to vehicles in 1995. It involves a microchip which is installed in the plastic part of the key. The microchip has a set of unique numbers which are programmed during the programming process of the key. When a person is about to start a car, the microchip sends signals to the car which turns off the immobilizers in the car. If the car will not recognize the numbers, it will remain locked and immobilized. If a car transponder has not been programmed, it can use the signals to turn the vehicle on but the immobilizers will be still active hence the vehicle will not be able to move.

The transponders are available in most models of cars, but you will likely find them in high end cars. The transponder can be replaced on cars, but in most cases you will have to take the car to the dealership. This is simply because most dealerships will not like to release the serials number of the car keys due to fear of theft. If you have a car which uses transponder keys and by bad luck you have lost the keys, you can have them replaced after you visit your car dealership. This is necessary for you to be assured of great security of your car even after you have lost the transponder keys. You need to take your time and select the best dealership where you can take your car for Transponder Car Key Replacement. There are others who can charge you at high rates while others will be fair. Through carrying out enough research you will easily know whether a given car dealership is the best for you to take your car for a replacement or look for other options available.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Makes the cars less prone to theft

It is difficult for thieves to steal cars fitted with the transponders. They will have to tow the cars away or steal the transponder. If you had left your car at a car park, it will be hard for thieves to steal it. They may have to invest in bypass technology which will cost them more. This will reduce chances of your car fitted with a transponder being stolen. From research it has been noted that cars which have been fitted with transponders are less prone to theft. If you live in a place where car theft is common, you will easily overcome the challenge by fitting your car with the transponders. You will live with peace of mind because you will know even if thieves are many in your neighborhood your car will be still safe.

Lowers insurance premiums

Insurance companies will consider a car which has been fitted with the transponder keys less prone to theft. This makes it easy for you to save on insurance cost because the insurance company will charge you at low rates. Among the drawbacks of using the transponder keys comes in when the thieves will steal your car through use of bypass machines or they decide to tow your car away. The insurance company will not easily agree that the car was stolen yet you had installed the system. They will carry out a lot of background checks due to the doubts which will delay your compensation. If you will not prove it, they may end up denying your claim.


It is advisable for you to keep at least two transponder keys. Replacing the keys can cost a bit more, but you will avoid stress if by any chance you lose one. The Transponder Car Key Replacement can be carried out by locksmiths or car dealerships; there are also online tutorials which you can use to bypass the transponder if you have been stuck. You can contact your manufacturers so that you will receive the instructions or just use online tutorials which will be posted. Different models of cars will require different types of programming, this make it necessary for you to check online so that you will know your specific car instructions.

Drivers can program their own keys so that they will work as transponders after they have lost the original keys. They can decide to have the transponders fitted next to the steering so that they will just use the normal key to start the car while the transponder activates the car immobilizers.

Other Uses of the Technology

Apart from starting cars, you will find transponder technology in other applications such as wireless alarm keys, garage opening remote controls, wireless house entry systems among other applications. In recent advancements, the transponders have been applied in key less entry systems. In this case, the car can be started by a push on the button provided the transponder is within a given range. If the vehicles will be moved out of the set range, the immobilizer will automatically stop the car. The key less entry allows start of a car with just a press on a start button.